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Once you have registered with us on www.amycoz.com, you have the ability to check our catalog and find stylish frames, eyeglasses, sunglasses or prescription glasses of your choice. We have several types of prescription glasses, frames, and even sunglasses. So, your first step will just be fun; going through our huge and incredible collection.

Find your frame size

If you are wondering about the size or the frame size of the glasses, you want to buy? Worry no more.  If you are currently wearing glasses, it is easier for you to understand and find your right frame size by simply looking at the meaning of the numbers that are on your frame. The frame features well-written eye size, bridge, and the temple length. These pieces of information are very important when it comes to choosing the right frame size. However, if you have no idea about this information, you can ask your physician to help you.

Place an order

Once you have identified your glasses of choice, the next step is to place an order. Although all our glasses have price tags on them, you will still have to go to the purchase section to confirm your purchase. This involves observing what you are purchasing and ensuring that it is the right item. After you have confirmed, you will be requested to either make your purchase electronically, through credit or debit card payment systems or other payment methods prescribed on our official website.

Make payments

It is important to remind you that it is until you make payments that an item will be confirmed as a purchase. Otherwise, if you do not make any payments, the item will automatically g back to the system and be available for other customers to buy. Therefore, if you see eyeglasses that are great and appealing to you, do not hesitate to place an order and make your purchase.

Once you have placed an order and made payments through our safe and secure checkout system, we will notify you about the transaction and give you a transaction number for your item through the email you have provided us during the registration process. once this is done, it will be confirmed that the item has been purchased and is ready for dispatch and shipment. Before this happens, our team of professionals will get in touch with you and request you to provide your name, address and telephone number to ensure that your glasses reach its destination.

Shipment and delivery time will be communicated to you through your email address and you can also track your order through our track my order system. It is important that you provide us with accurate information, local address, phone number and email address that will facilitate the shipment and delivery of your order.