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Express all facets of your personality with our high-quality, affordable glasses and sunglasses. Are you ready to transform the way you buy glasses? At Amycoz, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality, stylish eyewear. That’s why we offer the largest selection of affordable glasses online.


Amycoz– Your number one shop for cheap prescription glasses online.


We offer unique and top quality glasses of different shapes and sizes for men, women, and children at affordable prices. This is where you get the best-fit glasses from top brands that match your personality perfectly.


Our latest collection features a wide range of some of the latest, trendy and stylish glasses and sunglasses. They include the following types of designs and are suitable for any kind of facial morphology for men,women,and children.


·         Clear Glasses

·         Cat Eye Glasses

·         Polarized clip-on sunglasses

·         Photochromic sunglasses

·         Nerdy glasses

·         Magnetic clip-on sunglasses

·         Progressive lenses

·         Non-prescription fashion glasses

·         Tinted sunglasses

·         Prescription bifocal glasses

·         Tortoise shell glasses

·         Round frame glasses

·         Browline glasses


Our amazing discount pricing means you don’t have to limit yourself to just one pair. Our trendy, affordable glasses allow you to express all sides of your personality. We offer thousands of affordable styles ranging from classic and retro glasses to fashion-forward looks.


You can also choose from a wide variety of frames and lenses to fix into the glasses that you pick and we have them all for you at amazing prices and discounts. Whichever style defines you, whatever event you plan to attend, we have a pair of glasses to go with it here at Amycoz.


With Amycoz, you can purchase glasses online from the comfort of home and we will deliver them directly to your doorstep. Once you’ve put in a request, your glasses are exclusively made at our best in class manufacturing facility, where we use the most exceptional optical equipment and procedures. As soon as your glasses scale our rigorous quality controls, they are shipped to you. It takes 2-3 weeks or less to complete the entire process.


Experience World-Class Customer Service

Our customer service team is staffed by expert opticians who are passionate about helping you find the perfect eyewear. You can be assured that you will receive the best quality treatment from us at any time of the day or night.



“I really enjoy wearing the glasses I purchased from Amycoz, they offer the best prices and the entire shopping process. The glasses were delivered on time and were exactly as it was pictured on their website.”

                                                                                              J. Thomas           


“I have to admit I’m really impressed with the quality of the glasses. I bought a pair of tortoiseshell glasses and browline glasses from Amycoz and they have both served their purpose exceedingly well. They always match my dressing and makes me stand out at every event that I attend.”

C. Kristen



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