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Express yourself and your personality with our high-quality, inexpensive prescription glasses and sunglasses. Are you ready to change the way you buy your sunglasses? At Amycoz.com we believe that everyone should have unlimited access to quality, stylish and affordable eyewear. It is because of this that we offer the largest collection of affordable glasses online. We offer quality prescription glasses for women, men, and children. Our fashionable and low-cost glasses allow you to express different angles of your personality in a classy way. 

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  • Sarah McGovern    (2018-03-03)    star
  • When you find the perfect frame for your face, the last thing that you want to do is to have to go through the process all over again when buying your next pair of sunglasses. With this site, you don′t have to. Their magnetic clip-on sunglasses fit perfectly to your original frame (as long as you order the right one of course). And with the prices on this site being so cheap, you would expect that they might skimp out on some things, but they don′t! Instead, you′ll be receiving a protective case and cleaning cloth with each pair, the same as you would from national chain companies. What I′d recommend is that you buy one of their frames and then order a pair of sunglass clip-ons every few months, especially since most of them cost under $50. This price really can′t be beat for the quality that you get. I love them!

We have thousands of affordable styles and designs ranging from retro to classic glasses to trendy glasses designs. We also have every shape, style, and design you can think of from rectangle, rimless, semi-rimmed,square, oval,cat Eye,tortoise Shell rim, progressive glasses, and round eyeglasses.

Our glasses are high-quality and are made using quality materials including acetate, titanium and ultra-lightweight materials that make them stand out from the rest of the market.

We believe that a happy customer is a loyal customer, and the best way to ensure this is by providing quality products to all our customers. So do not worry about the quality of the glasses we offer simply because they are affordable. We know that not everyone can afford expensive items and to ensure that affordable prescription glasses are available for people on a budget, we decided to offer cheap prescription glasses,and amazing deals on discount glasses too.

One of the best things about amycoz.com is that you can easily buy prescription glasses online from the comfort of your living room and have them delivered to your doorstep. We have a robust online store that allows our customers to place orders, have their glasses designed for them and then delivered to them.

We have a secure payment system that accepts various payment options. All our glasses pass a rigorous quality control and assurance system before it is sent to a customer. This is meant to maintain high-quality standards that we endeavor to meet in all our processes.

We deliver prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses to all our customers in different parts of the world. We take all the customer's details to ensure that we deliver to the right person. The information you gave us is meant to facilitate for the shipment of your glasses. Therefore, do not worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands as our customers' privacy is a high priority to us.

Depending on where you live, we endeavor to deliver your order within the shortest time possible. A number of things must be factored in before the shipment process starts. Therefore, the number of delivery days might be more or less.