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Any order and successive purchase of products from Amycoz.com shall be controlled by the following terms and conditions. It is important that you carefully read and understand them.

Consumer obligations

By registering and submitting your order to Amycoz you confirm the following:

·         You are aged 16 or above and that you are not blind or partly sighted.

·         That you possess a written prescription for your spectacles that has been written and given to you by a qualified doctor within the last 24 months or 1 year if you are 70 years or above.

·         That you will provide correct details about your current prescription when required to.

Orders for goods

·         All orders to Amycoz are to be submitted through the website www.amycoz.com, or by completing a mail order form available on the catalog form you choose.

·         A submission of an order signifies an offer to purchase products from Amycoz and we may decide to confirm this order through email if the order has been placed through the website. We may refuse to confirm the order if by any chance we realize that you have not met these terms. However, we will communicate our actions and why we have taken that action.

·         Orders for prescription glasses are only accepted once you have made payments and that the order has been reviewed and authorized by our professionals. For non-prescription glasses, your order shall only be accepted once you have made payments for it and that the payment has been accepted. All these will be communicated to you before any shipment is done.

Limitations of supply

Amycoz will make reasonable efforts to fulfill all orders made by customers. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee the availability of products. In any case, you order a product that is unavailable, we will communicate to you through the right channel and offer an alternative product or a refund. If you are not reachable, we will cancel the order and you will receive a full refund of your money.

We reserve absolute discretion to either accept or cancel your order on the advice of our professional opticians.

If deemed necessary before an order is approved or shipped, our professional opticians have the discretion to:

·         Request that you provide a copy of your written prescription

·         To contact the optician who provided your prescription to verify the same

·         To request that you get a new prescription from your local optician

·         To ask you to get the measurement of your pupillary distance from your optician

Prices and payment

·         Prices quoted include any VAT that may be required to be remitted to the tax authorities by Amycoz

·         We will provide accurate prices and prices information in all our catalogs

Delivery and carriage

·         We will make sound undertakings to deliver your order within the shortest time possible

·         You will receive a notification through email about the time your products shall be dispatched.