Nerdy Glasses that’ll Make You Look Cooler

Gone are the days when you need to take cover behind large, appalling, unflattering glasses essentially on the grounds that you are a nerd. Why should you have to choose between looking cool and looking smart when you can have both?

Whether you're searching for classy Clark-Kent glasses, taking a cue from nerdy style icons like Arthur Miller and Woody Allen, or simply going for the more retro horn-rimmed assortment, Amycoz has an immense eyewear collection with classy designs to fit your style, regardless of what kind of geek you are. With our unique range of in vogue frames, being a nerd has never been cooler.

Don't simply assume that our nerd prescription glasses are just meant for perusing and computer use only. No, these ones are flexible and can be utilized only for some other reason, such as demonstrating your internal nerd to your companions and companions. They are elegant and can be worn to any function; scholastic, business related, an espresso date or even a night out. They are perfect for all events and you will never turn out badly with our quality and affordable nerdy glasses.

Our nerd glasses frames can be fitted to all lenses and prescriptions. With the correct match of nerdy glasses, you can totally change and enhance your outward appearance. Truth be told, with the correct glasses, you can look years more youthful and in the meantime appear maturedenough to hold any discussion.

As of now, in our most recent collection are seven different kinds of nerd glasses. These nerd glasses will furnish you with an entire compilation of extraordinary styles from which you can choose from. Let's make a plunge and investigate them all to locate that flawless pair which suits you by taking into consideration your highlights and aiming to complement the shape of your face. By understanding these distinctive styles, you’ll be in a better position to figure out which one suits you the most.

  • Wayfarer Nerd Glasses

Nerd glasses can't be examined without highlighting Wayfarers. You may recollect seeing film or news reels of the Rock 'n' Roll legend Buddy Holly wearing his cherished Wayfarers. These classic nerd glasses remain a stylish accessory worn by the fashionistas today. Wayfarers ended up famous in the 1950s and an alluring attribute about them is that they look great on both men and women.

Wayfarers appear to be the most prevalent style among glasses which has transformed it into an establishment of in vogue eyewear throughout the years. A few people even go to the degree of including a little bit of tape around the frame directly between the eyes to give an impression of being "working diligently"


  • Clark Kent Glasses

 The notable Clark Kent and how he advanced glasses always rings a bell. Regardless of whether this specific style of decision is less in vogue, these glasses are not that strange in light of their pop culture implications. They fringe somewhat in proximity with the genuine nerd heritage and have no affiliations at all to trendy people and bad boys. They are all the more near and dear with reporters and the nerdy crowd, now and again proposing remarkable shrouded powers.


  • Browline Glasses

Browline glasses additionally depicts a nerdy look yet can likewise be stylish for nerds who need to look cool. They're a semi-rimless frame with thick plastic upper frames and thin wire lower frames well known in the fifties and sixties.

Browline glasses can emphasize your style and furthermore compliment the shape your face. They're for the most part worn by very smart and well-read sorts, or individuals who jump at the chance to think they are. They're suitable for both men and women, be that as it may, they lean more towards the men's side. Malcolm X used to own a few sets, each in various colors.


  • Cat Eye Nerd Glasses

Who isn't comfortable with cat eye  glasses? These have an unmistakable shape and are thought to be extremely fitting for ladies.

They have an immortal notable style that has withstood the test of time in the sense of fashion. Indeed, they date back to the 1940s and were once ultra-in vogue for ladies in the 50's. Their name originates from a one of a kind shape, wherein the frame curves into pointed intense edges on the external tips, featuring a catlike look.


  • Gazelle Glasses

Much more youthful individuals are getting on this specific shape these days. This style is distinguished by the bigger lenses in contrast with customary glasses. They have been in and out of mold since the 1980s, and have a greater interest towards the elderly, thus the bigger lenses. The square casing gives the wearer a funny appearance and the trend assumed control when the Run DMC team wore them as a component of a uniform. They're huge nerd glasses that look great on ladies, yet are commonly worn by men.


  • Rectangle Glasses

You can't turn out badly by picking square shaped glasses for day by day wear. They are stylish and can draw out the librarian-sexy-secretary vibe that is inevitably enticing. These specs are intended to depict a modern and moderate look that is more symmetric.


  • Round Nerd Glasses

Made popular by Harry Potter and John Lennon, these round glasses are considered to give a nerdy look additionally, and have expanded in fame within the previous decade.

They are thought to boost your intelligence and charm when you need to introduce yourself as smart and responsible. Since most designers appear to overlook this shape, you may need to invest more time searching for them, particularly if you require prescription lenses to compliment them.

Don't hesitate to peruse through our nerd glasses catalog and discover something that influences you to stand out. Our prices are always pocket friendly and our installment framework is well-protected, secure and fast.

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