What Are Progressive Glasses?

Progressive glasses also known as Progressive addition lenses (PALs), are multifocal lenses that correct vision at various working distances.

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  • Progressive Bifocal Reading Myopic Computer Sunglasses
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They are designed to allow multiple vision fields incorporated into a single lens. These glasses change progressively from far-to intermediate to your full reading power.

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  • Progressive Bifocal Reading Myopic Computer Sunglasses
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How Do Progressive Glasses Work?

Progressive lenses are characterized by a gradient lens power. The gradient starts at the wearer’s distance prescription. It starts at the top of the lens and reaches the full reading power at the bottom of the lens without visible distinction between the fields. This means that you can see objects that are distant or close to you without necessarily changing your glasses or squinting your eyes. The multiple vision fields allow you to see both distant and close images.

How to use Progressive Glasses?

Progressive glasses can help in various ways. These glasses can be used in treating optical conditions for example presbyopia, myopia, and astigmatism. Progressive lenses can be used for reading, sewing, working on a computer or when you cannot focus on near objects. They are corrective lenses because they correct your vision and enable you to see and focus on objects that you could not see properly without glasses.

Why People Need Progressive Glasses

If you spend a lot of your time on a computer desk or your job involves the use of a computer, your doctor may prescribe computer progressive lenses. The addition lens power needed for clear vision catered for by the natural position of the eye. The view can be adjusted by simply tilting your head for proper viewing through the appropriate part of the vertical progression.

The glasses correct your eyesight and allow you to see things clearly. If you are suffering from optical disorders such as presbyopia, these glasses are what you need. This means that with these glasses you will not need to have more than one pair of spectacles with you all the time. You will not need to swap glasses every time you are reading or using the computer.

Vision with these lenses can seem natural. Whether you are seeing something that is closer to you or something that is far away, you will not get a jump or take time to focus like is the case with bifocals or trifocals.

What The Experts Say About Progressive Glasses

Eye doctors prescribe progressive lenses for people who are over 40 years old and anyone suffering from presbyopia and myopia. This is because these glasses are perfect for these eye problems.

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