Define your Style with Classy Cat Eye Glasses

Named after their similarity to the shape of a cat's eye, cat eye glasses are presumably the most prominent style of vintage eyeglasses ever created. These distinct type of glasses are mostly a formof ladies' eyewear and are characterized by an upsweep at the out edges where the arms meet the frame front.

Cat eye glasses frames became famous in the 1950s and 1960s and up till today, they are highly sought after among ladies with a retro style. Despite the fact that cat eye glasses were around since the 1950's, they’ve achieved their pinnacle ubiquity when they were worn by the likes of actresses Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Within a short while after their inception, cat eye glasses frames spiraled wild, keeping fashion planners caught up with the rush to make sense of who could make the most innovative designs, regularly infusing rhinestones and several other gems to the styles of cat eye glasses frames that they produced.

Cat eye frames have been a strong icon of femininity since the 1950s and turned into the fashion accessory of the following decade. In spite of the fact that they began dropping out of support in the early 1970's, they are as yet a most loved by many ladies around the globe and are very much in demand today. Regardless of whether you're searching for a subtle cat swoop or an announcement influencing retro style, you’ll surely find a pair of cat eye glasses in our collection here at Amycoz.

There are basically two unmistakable styles that can be grouped under the cat eye umbrella: the more customary '50s swoop and a more extensive, milder '80s cycle, to lithe and sharp '90s. In addition, there’s an uncountable number of options from these mainstream categories, going from uber-sensational to super standard, so you're certain to find a shape that compliments your face and your own taste.

There was a specific sort of fashion attribute that appeared to adhere to this style. The cat eye look popularly went hand in hand with a beehive or bob hairdo. In spite of the fact that, the glasses regularly strolled as an inseparable unit with these hairdos, there were likewise specific jobs that this style-pair supposition remains constant for as well.

Ladies in specific sorts of businesses or jobs, for example, librarians, secretaries,and respectable lecturers all had a high regard for cat eye glasses frames and the style is frequently referenced today as the sexy librarian or cheeky school teacher look.

While it may require a specific type of face and character to pull the cat eye look off today, there are some that won't let the conventional glasses pass on, with the recovery led by probably the most gorgeous faces in Hollywood including Jessica Alba, Dita Von Teese et cetera.

It is a certainty that this persisting style of cat eye frames will keep on being mainstream well into the future. Despite the fact that their fame may rise and fall meanwhile, we trust that we'll be seeing more cat eye glasses on the holographic screens and hover catwalks of tomorrow.

Cat eye glasses are an incredible fashion statement because of the wear-ability for an extensive variety of appearances. They are incredible for most face shapes, particularly on those with heart-shaped faces or square-shaped faces. They are likewise great for faces with a limited forehead that extends at the cheeks and jaw, including diamond-shaped faces that are narrow at the eyes and jawline and have wide cheekbones.

Cat eye glasses are by and large tasteful and they include a strong, sleek, and feminine statement to any outfit. They additionally confer a sophisticated, prestigious, marginally exotic look to the wearer. Most frames highlight oval lenses with the expanded segment of the eyerim drawn out into an upward and outward point. In many cases, the additional eyerim at the external corners are adorned with exotic details.

Rhinestone, metal, or colored plastic temple improvements produce a feeling of plushness while sculptural impacts, for example, raised designs, fancy bridges,and scalloped edges, add distinction to these frames. Among the most striking enhancing advancements on cat eye frames are the temples, which normally fuse various sculptural, applique, and fancy effects on the top edges of cat-eye rims.

Cat eye prescription glasses were famous female eyewear styles of the mid-twentieth century when eyewear turned into a fashion embellishment instead of just a medical necessity. With glasses winding up more ubiquitous, people became more driven to purchase eyewear that tackled vision issues, as well as improve their appearance.

Cat eye glasses are accessible in numerous optical stores and even in antique shops. This exclusively demonstrates that these glasses are prevalent in spite of their classic design. Besides giving security from harsh sun rays, cat eye glasses might be altered and can be utilized as prescription glasses.

For people born in the late 80's and 90's, they may think that it’s weird to wear vintage glasses. In any case, once they took a stab at wearing one, they doubtlessly can't go out without it. In light of the classiness brought by retro cat eye glasses, they can at present keep up their quality in the eyewear market. These fashionable glasses that look like the eyes of a cat will doubtlessly be accessible in numerous optical shops.

Here at Amycoz, we have an extensive collectionof lovely and striking prescription cat eye glasses – including premium Italian acetate, tempered steel fortified hinges, and hand-made lenses. So whether it's a pair of vintage cat eye glasses frames you're searching for or a pair of retro cat eye glasses, we definitely have one for you here.