Tints Glasses To Make Your Own Sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses are protected eyewear that is designed to provide protection to your eyes from bright rays of the sun. Red, green, grey, and brown are the most recommended colors in these glasses. Aviators’ sunglasses, oversized, club master, and cat-eye sunglasses are some types of women. 

When shopping for sunglasses, most women usually find it difficult making their pick. They go through rows and rows of sunglasses trying on several different types. You could, however, narrow down your search by considering some important factors such as your face shape, size of your eyes and other factors you might think really matter to you.

Add color tinted to lenses

A person with a strong jaw, for instance, will likely go for egg-shaped lenses while bold lenses are what will look really good on oval-shaped faces.No matter your face shape, you will find that these teardrop shaped sunglasses are flatting to most faces. The curved lenses and linear lines of the brow bar provide with a nice yin and yang to help balance things out. The metal frame makes these look pretty cool.

If you have a round face, you don’t have to go for a round pair – rectangular lenses are much better for a round face.  Someone with a long oval face is lucky because long oval faces can stand out. When picking your frame, pick one with black, tortoise shell.

Tinted sunglasses are not all about fashion - they also help to prevent damage to the eyes. The tinted sunglasses provide you with the ultraviolet protection you need to effectively block out sun rays. It also guards your eyes against eye diseasesas well as preventing the skin around your eyes from wrinkle-causing ultraviolent damage.

Sunglasses are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. They can sometimes also function as a visual aid, as variously termed spectacles or glasses exist, featuring lenses that are colored or darkened.

The American Optometric Association recommends tinted sunglasses whenever a person is exposed to the sun. This is to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light, which can cause several serious eye problems.Lenses with ultraviolet (UV) protection prevent potentially harmful radiation from reaching your eyes. According to United States Federal law, all sunglasses sold in the United States must have UV protection. However, many low-priced prescription sunglasses that are sold through street vendors do not comply with this rule.

Using tinted sunglass lenses without UV protection is extremely damaging to your eyes because the dark tint causes your pupils to dilate and increases the surface area of your retina that can be damaged by the ultraviolet radiation.The colorof the lens may vary depending on style, fashion, and purpose. For general use, red, grey, green, or brown are most recommended to avoid or minimize color distortion which could affect safety when driving.

A yellow tint makes objects appear sharper against a blue or green background. Blue light bounces or scatters the most and can create a kind of glare known as "blue haze". Yellow tints are sometimes marketed as "blue blockers" because they are fairly opaque to blue light. Yellow tints are good for overcast, hazy or foggy conditions and are a favorite of shooters, skiers,and pilots. Yellow is generally NOT a good choice for any activity that depends on accurate color perception.

Purple tinted sunglasses

Brown and amber tints work well in variable light conditions and provide good contrast because they filter some blue light, although not as strongly as a yellow tint. Brown lenses are good general purpose lenses and work especially well for sports where judging distance is important, like tennis and golf.

Green tints filter some blue light and enhance contrast in low-light conditions. The human eye is most sensitive to green wavelengths of light so green tints offer the highest contrast and greatest visual acuity of any tint.

Grey tint provides good protection from glare and keeps distortion of colors to a minimum. Grey is sometimes referred to as a "tru-color" tint. Grey is available in a wide range of densities and is an excellent choice for general use and driving. Grey is the most popular sunglass tint.

Purple is a balanced color which provides natural color perception while shading the eye. Purple lenses can be a good choice for hunters.

Blue can be a good choice for fashion tints in lighter shades. If the lenses are intended for outdoor use, remember that blue tints can increase glare. In this case, consider using a brown or grey lens combined with a blue mirror coating.

Double gradient tint – A double gradient tint describes a lens with a darker tint at the top and bottom of the lens and a medium tint in the center of the lens. Double gradient tints are good for skiers because of the glare coming from above (sun) and below (snow) is heavily blocked but a clearer viewing area is present in the middle of the lens.

The following are the different types of tinted sunglasses for women;

Aviators’ sunglasses

We cannot talk about best sunglasses without identifying with the origin of tinted sunglasses. These special type of tinted sunglasses was first developed by Bausch and Lomb way back in 1936 to protect Air force pilots from glare while flying.

The sunglasses became popular after public lunch and was being sported by Army General MacArthur during World War II. Aviator sunglasses was originally made for men but are generally considered unisex and go well on both sexes even though there are some differences between the two. These tinted sunglasses are available mainly in black color.

Oversized Sunglasses

These classic oversized sunglasses look fantastic on females and offer higher sun protection because of the higher area covered to boot. You’re sure going to like it, especially if you have an angular face. They look even better because they complement the line very well. You should be able to find round, oval and geometric shape lenses in this category. They are also available in various colors.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

One thing that has been certain is that fashion never fades away. Clubmaster sunglasses are the top women sunglasses to get if you are going for a classy yet elegant casual look. If combined with simple dresses and tees you going to look so amazing. Great day out with family and friend, this is one that will look great no matter the age.

Round Tinted Sunglasses

Really, not every lady can pull this off but if you are able to then you are good to go and there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. This comes mostly in black or darker color.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Nothing quite says high fashion and chic like classic cat eye sunglasses. This upswept design became exceedingly popular in the 50’s and 60’s and was frequently associated with high society. It is a great fit for round and oval faces. Cat-eyes are an everlasting accessory that goes well whether you’re going for a post-modern or retro look.

More Color Tinted Options

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