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Who does not like to look good? We all deserve to be presentable, look beautiful and elegant while wearing an inexpensive pair of glasses. This is what Amycoz.com is all about; providing affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses to all our customers at an affordable price. Our goal is simple: to provide glasses that people can actually afford and at the same time make them look good. We are a place where discerning customers, fashionistas, people on-the-go, trendsetters and everyone can find something that they deserve at the lowest prices.

We offer a wide variety of prescription glasses online, non-prescription sunglasses, sunglasses, progressive glasses and frames of all types of glasses.

Quality Assurance

We are highly committed to providing all our customers quality products. We take time to inspect our products for quality before displaying them on our website and also before sending them to you the customer. This is aimed at assuring our customers of the quality and meeting the required standards for consumer products.

Safe Shopping Experience

It is our priority to offer all our customers a great shopping experience when they visit our website and the different web pages. We endeavor to improve your shopping experience by making our site safe and easy to navigate. We have employed to security measures to protect customer’s personal information and the data we receive from all our customers. Therefore, feel free to go through the website, make purchases and even give feedback on the various products we offer.

Amycoz is pegged on the following principles:

To offer cheap prescription glasses to all our customers

We provide the most affordable eyeglasses on the internet. Just go through our huge catalog and find out what we offer and you will be amazed by our cheap prices. 

To provide quality frames and optical lenses to all our customers

We do not only provide prescription and non-prescription glasses to our customers, but we also provide quality frames and lenses. Whatever frame you may think of we got them for you at Amycoz.com.

To provide exceptional customers services and support

To ensure that all our customers are happy and satisfied, we offer exceptional customer service right from the point of ordering to the point of delivery. All our experts are knowledgeable and can advise on whatever you are looking for. If you have a question or need something, feel free to contact as and you will be helped in the shortest time possible. 

To make it easier for people to order eyeglasses online

We have made it easier for people to buy prescription glasses online. In fact, it will take you a few minutes to order your glasses of choice from us. Therefore, go ahead and place that order today.